Best way to Travel Kumamoto-Yufuin (City of Onsen)

Yufuin (city of hot-spring)

Yufuin (city of hot-spring)

Yufuin (由布院 as onsen; 湯布院 as city) is located in Oita Prefecture and very close to Beppu. It is known for magnificent natural Hot spring spas & resort (温泉 onsen), is a treat to visitors!

If you are in Kumamoto and planning to visit Yufuin then, here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Yufuin from Kumamoto.

How to get in: Public Transport

kumamoto - Yufuin.png

There are various ways to go to Yufuin from Kyushu. Tourists can have access to Yufuin by the JR Train or Express Bus.

Train: JR Train (Kumamoto – Kurume – Yufuin)

There is a train that connects Kumamoto – Yufuin via Kurume. You can ride the Kyushu Bullet Train (九州新幹線: Shinkansen) from Kumamoto Sta. to Kurume Sta. and change limited express for Yufuin. It takes around 2 hours.

Express Bus: Time-table

Kumamoto-Yufuin Bus.png

Kumamoto-Yufuin Bus

There is only “Kyushu Odan Bus (九州横断バス)” that connects Kumamoto to Yufuin. You can use the bus from Kumamoto Sta/Kumamoto Kotsu Center. The one-way trip between Kumamoto Sta. to Yufuin Sta. takes around 4 and half hours (cost 4200 Yen) in the lap of nature. For more details about booking click here

We personally recommend you to choose bus and take a window seat and just feel the breathtaking Nature from Aso Sta. to Yufuin. What a romantic sight!

Bus Route-Stops:

Kumamoto-Kurokawa-Yufuin Route and Stops

The Kyushu Odan Bus depart from Kumamoto Sta. and goes via Kumamoto Kotsu Center, Kumamoto Airport, Aso Sta. Here is a list of Bus-stop & for more details click here

Kumamoto-Kurokawa-Yufuin-Beppu Route and Stops

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Sta.

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Kotsu Center

⇨ Depart from Aso Kumamoto Airport 

IMG_1156.JPG There is a break time @ Aso Sta. (阿蘇駅) & @ Senomoto (瀬の本) for 10 minutes each. You can refresh, buy some sweets and explore the beauty of nature.

Aso Sta.(阿蘇駅)

Aso Sta.(阿蘇駅)



⇨ Arrive @ Yufuin Sta. Bus Center

Yufuin Bus Center

Yufuin Bus Center

There is a Yufuin Sta. is just besides to Bus terminal.

Yufuin Station

Bus Fare:

  • Kumamoto – Yufuin : 4,200 Yen / Person
  • Aso Kumamoto Airport – Yufuin : 3,700 Yen / Person
  • Aso Sta. – Yufuin : 3, 000 Yen / Person

Sightseeing Spots:

Yufuin has a number of natural hot spring resorts that attract visitors. Apart from that there are many beautiful places like Kinrinko Lake, Bussan-ji Temple, Unaguhime Shrine with beatutiful row of Sugi-trees and more that can be easily explored on foot but, it may be more convenient to rent a bike. Yufuin Sta. offers a rent-a-cycle service for 250 Yen/hour or 1250 Yen/day.

Kinrinko Lake:

Kinrinko Lake

It a small lake but it’s considered as a major landmark for tourists. It is just 1.5 km away from Yufuin Sta. There is a small shrine located aside the lakes at southern end as well as many small shops & cafes. So, just walk around with your hubby and enjoy the magnificent view!

Walk around the City:

Down-town Yufuin City

Cheese & Milk Shops

Cheese & Milk Shops

Although the Yufuin town is small and can be explored in few hours there are many restaurants, cafes and a special mention to cheese shops.

Enjoy local Transports:

image (5).png

Apart from bike, there are some more ways to do city sightseeing such as Rickshaw and Scarborough. Yufuin can be easily covered by foot but, it may be more convenient to rent a bike or try other transports. For more details about rental fee click here…


If you are in Japan and tired with your daily life, then you must visit Yufuin “Full of natural hot springs”. It’s worth-while to stay for there at-least 1 night @ Ryokan (温泉).

Footbath (足湯) @ besides to Bus terminal

If you are going for the same day tour for Yufuin, or, you are on business tour and have only few hours but don’t know what to do, in that case we would recommend you to take a rental cycle from Yufuin Sta. and take around there. Oh! One more thing to notice is that after cycling don’t forget to take free Footbath (足湯) @ besides the Bus terminal. Also, if possible, there for 1 night and enjoy Natural Hot-spring.

Hope it will help you in traveling from Kumamoto to Yufuin and how to enjoy there! Have a nice journey!

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