Top 5 Onsen in Kumamoto (Hot Spring)

Onsen Image in Kumamoto

Kumamoto (熊本) is known as the “Heart of Kyushu Island” because it is located in the center of Kyushu Island Japan. It has a dynamic history, magnificent natural beauty, active volcano and varieties of natural hot-springs, 

Kumamoto is blessed with its natural ground water resource which makes Kumamoto “Japan’s No.1 ground water city”. If you are planning to visit Kumamoto, then don’t forget to have a visit to Hot Spring (Onsen). Here is top 5 Onsen to Kumamoto.

Yamaga Onsen (Sakurayu)

It is in located at the Yamaga, Kumamoto. This has a traditional Japanese architecture like in a Palace. Sakurayu has one of the largest wooden hot springs in Kyushu region. The big indoor bathtub makes you relax without being disturbed by others. The hot spring water has alkaline nature which makes your skin very smooth. There are lockers to keep your belongings safe.

Apart from hot spring, tourist can also experience the most famous traditional “Yamaga Touro Festival”, which is known for “1000 dancing women with attached lantern above their head. Yamaga Lanterns Folk Crafts Museum, Yachiyo-za Theater is most famous for Kabuki.


Access: Tourist can travel by car or local bus. Sanko Bus runs on every 20-30 mins from Kumamoto Sta. or Kumamoto Kotsu Center. It takes approx. 75 minutes. More details Click..

Price: 500 Yen~

Time: 6 am to 12 pm; Close on every 3rd Wednesday

URL: https://yamaga.site/

Hitoyoshi Onsen (Suiranrou)

It is located in Hitoyoshi south Kumamoto prefecture. There are more than 50 hot springs sources in Hitoyoshi. Suiranrou is blessed with high quality water, which moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth. The temperature of the water is 43°C – 50 °C

Hitoyoshi Onsen is also known as “Kyoto of Kyushu” and there are more than 20 others hot-springs. The outdoor bathtub has magnificent view at night and you can relax under the stars view overhead. It has also indoor bathtub which has a beautiful view of nature and Sakura in cherry blossoms season. Tourist can also enjoy the Foot-path


Hitoyoshi Onsen (Suiranrou) by Train

Hitoyoshi Onsen (Suiranrou) by Train

Access: Tourist can travel by car, train or express bus. Kyushu Sanko Bus runs on every 1 hour from Kumamoto Sta. or Kumamoto Kotsu Center. It will take 1 hrs 30 min from Kumamoto by express bus. More details Click..

Price: 500 Yen~

Time: 6 am to 12 pm

URL: http://www.suiranrou.jp/en/

Yatsushiro Onsen (Hinagu)

It is located in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto. It is also known as “Banpei Hot Spring”. Hinagu Onsen Center has 3 floors. 1st floor has public bath, 2nd floor has Sauna and Outdoor bath, and 3rd floor is for family bath. There are lockers to keep your belongings safe. It has footbath at the entrance of the Hinsgu Onsen Center.

Apart from hot spring, tourist can also experience the most famous fireworks of Yatsushiro. It has magnificent colors of fireworks. The event taking place on 3rd Saturday in October is a treat to watch.


Access: Tourist can travel by train, local bus or by car also. It takes approx. 1 hr by JR train from Kumamoto Station

Price: 300 Yen~

Time: 10 am to 10 pm; Close on every 3rd Tuesday and New Year’s

URL: http://www.hinagu-spa.com/

Kikuchi Onsen (Tatsugashira)

Kikuchi Onsen (Hot Spring)

Kikuchi Onsen (Hot Spring)

It is located in Kikuchi, Kumamoto. Kikuchi Onsen has rich minerals in water, so it’s known as “Waifu Onsen” There are around 10 different hot springs in this area. Tatsugashira hot spring water has sodium bicarbonate and it is saline in nature which is said to be good for back pain. It has indoor bathtub with 2 bathrooms, one contains hot water and other one contains warm water.

Apart from hot spring, tourists can also visit Kikuchi Gorge, Dazzling Waterfall. During cherry blossom, season, visit Kikuchi Onsen which has more than 5000 cherry trees.


Access: There is no train to Kikuchi Onsen, so, the tourist can travel by car or by local bus. It will take approximately 1 hour from Kumamoto.

Price: 300 Yen~

Time: Every 3rd Wednesday

Tamana Onsen (Tensui)

Tamana Onsen (Tensui)

Tamana Onsen (Tensui)

It is located in Tamana, north Kumamoto. Tamana hot spring is one the best hot spring in Kumamoto because of high quality water with a history 1300 years old.

It has variety of bathtub including sauna. There are many free foot baths in Tamana, which attracts visitors. More details Click. (Japanese Language Only)


Access: Tourist can travel by train, local bus or by car. Sanko Bus departs from Kumamoto Kotsu Center as well as Kumamoto Sta. on every 20-30 min. It takes approx. 50 minutes. 

Price: 500 Yen~

Time: 9 am to 9 pm

URL: http://www.kusamakura.jp/  (Japanese Language Only)


Kumamoto is blessed with various natural hot springs. Some of hot-springs are easy to access by train or local bus and some of them are difficult to access by train but easy to access by car.

Hitoyoshi Onsen (Suiranrou) is recommended for couples and those who can drive in Japan.  Yatsushiro Onsen (Hinagu) is recommended for a families, specially those with kids they go by JR train. 

But those who want to travel by train or local bus, then Yamaga Onsen (Sakurayu) is recommended.  Hope it will help you to find your best suitable hot spring. Have a nice journey!

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