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Best way to travel Kumamoto-Sasebo (City of Islands)

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Sasebo (佐世保) and Huis Ten Bosch is the city Dutch theme amusement parks, canals. It is located in Nagasaki Kyushu Island Japan. Nagasaki is the second city of Japan that suffered atomic bomb attack after Hiroshima during 2nd World War.

It is known for the magnificent attraction of Huis Ten Bosch, Tulip gardens, Kujukushima Aquarium for dolphins, Sakai National Park and more.. If you are in Kumamoto and planning to visit Sasebo and Huis Ten Bosch or vice-versa then here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Nagasaki.

How to get in: Public Transport

Nagasaki has both an international as well as a domestic airport. So, it’s easily accessible  from any part of Japan and across world such as; Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and Osaka by air. Tourist can visit Sasebo / Huis Ten Bosch from Nagasaki Sta. by both bus and train.

By Air:

  • Shanghai – 1 hour 35 minutes approx.
  • Seoul – 2 hour 25 minutes approx.
  • Tokyo, Heneda Airport – 1 hour 50 minutes approx.
  • Osaka, Itami, Kobe Airport – 1 hour 15 minutes approx.

By Train:

  • Tokyo Sta – 7 hours approx.
  • Osaka Sta – 4 hours 30 minutes approx.
  • Kyoto Sta – 5 hours approx.
  • Fukuoka (Hakata Sta) – 2 hours approx.

Express Bus: Saikai-go Bus (Kumamoto~Sasebo/Huis Ten Bosch)

Saikai-go Bus

Saikai-go Bus

There is only “Saikai-go” (さいかい号) that connects Kumamoto-Sasebo/Huis Ten Bosch. The one-way trip between Kumamoto to Sasebo takes around 3 hours (cost 3,700 Yen) in the lap of nature. For online booking Click

Saikai-go Bus depart from Kumamoto Sta. and goes via Kumamoto Kotsu Center, Kikusui Inter Change.

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Sta.

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Kotsu Center

Bus Fare:

  • Kumamoto – Sasebo : 3700 Yen / Person
  • Kumamoto – Huis Ten Bosch : 3700 Yen / Person

Sightseeing Spots:

The city is blessed with beautiful nature. The most popular sightseeing spots are Huis Ten Bosch, many amusement parks, flower garden specially in Tulip season. Here is the list:

Huis Ten Bosch:

Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park based on Dutch city. When you will visit here, you will feel like you are in Europe because of its European atmosphere due to architectures, magnificent canals. colorful gardens.

There are various events throughout the year like; fireworks in summer, tulip festival in spring, Sakura season. You can relax at resorts which are divided into Theme Park Zone and Harbor Zone. The main attraction is enjoying boat tour within the city with your hubbies and friends. More details Click. It is accessible from Nagasaki Sta. by bus in 1 hour 20 min @ 1400 Yen one way.

Kujukushima (99 Islands):

Kujuku 99 Islands

Kujuku 99 Islands

Kujukushima literally means a group of 99 Islands. But, the fact is there are around 208 small islands in this area. It is located inside Sakai National Park. Tourist can enjoy the magnificent view of islands from the observation towers; Ishidake, Tenkaiho and Yumihari.

There are Pearl Queen & Mirai cruise/boars operators which provide the cruising/boat tour. Access from Sasebo Sta. by free shuttle bus, which takes around 20 min. Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort tour by beautiful boat, takes travel time around 50 min @ 1400 Yen one way. More details Click..

Kujukushima Aquarium:

Dolphins @ Kujukushima Aquarium

Dolphins @ Kujukushima Aquarium

Kujukushima Aquarium has the Japan’s largest Jellyfish Symphony Dome. Tourists can enjoy the dolphin dance show at the 2nd floor. The show is organized 3 times everyday for 15 min. Also, watch the rare and mysterious jellyfishes, more than 100 species.

Its journey from Sasebo Sta. by free shuttle bus, takes around 20 min and 5 min from Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort. More details Click..

Don’t forget:


Sasebo Burger

Sasebo Burger / Nagasaki Chanpon

Sasebo Burger is very big Burger and very delicious, so very popular across Japan. The ingredients are beef with bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, egg, cheese. Fresh sea-foods are also very delicious, so sea-foods lover can choose Chanpon.

As a souvenir or desert you must try Castella. It is delicious steamed sponge cake. There are flavored with different ingredients like; honey, green-tea (maccha), chestnuts.


If you are in Japan or planning to visit Japan, then you must visit Sasebo/Huis Ten Bosch with your family or friends or hubbies. It’s worth to stay at-least 1 night. If you are going for the same day tour or, you are on business tour and have only few hours but don’t know what to do then I would recommend you to experience Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resorts (99 islands) and Huis Ten Bosch (theme park). Don’t forget to taste Sasebo Burger. Hope it will help you in traveling to Sasebo/Huis Ten Bosch and how to enjoy there. Have a nice journey!

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