Santa Kun (産太くん)

Santa Kun (Kyushu Sanko Bus Character in Kumamoto)

Santa Kun (産太)

You may have heard about many characters in Japan such as Mario, Doremon, Kumamon and more. But you might have not heard about the Santa Kun Character. Santa Kun is very popular character in Kumamoto and the face of Sanko Bus company.  We are going to let you know about it, how it was born and its popularity.

Santa is a Raccoon Dog. Basically, Santa (産太 ) is the combination of 2 words (San + Ta). San (産) has been taken from Sanko Bus (産交バス) company and Ta (太) has been taken from Raccoon Dog (たぬき). So, it’s called “Santa”. And Kun is a Japanese word which means  Mr.

Santa Kun sitting @ Mount Aso

Santa Kun sitting @ Mount Aso

Santa Kun Profile:

Santa Kun Birthday (産太)

Santa Kun Birthday (産太)

Sex : Male

Data of Birth : 6 Feb

Birth Place : Kumamoto

Favorite phrase : Nun !

Favorite Food : Sweets

Dislike Food : Spicy

Job : Guide (how to ride bus) Enjoy with Kids!

How Santa Kun was born:

Once upon a day the President of Sanko Bus Company was in deep thought how to do PR about our company so, more and more people can know about us. Some other day, he was just walking in the park and suddenly he saw a Raccoon Dog. After seeing that Raccoon Dog, he felt that there is no difference between them and humans. So, he brings it at our home.

Santa Kun Story

Santa Kun soon became close to the company’s president. Even the company’s president likes him. Later, the company president got an idea to create a character for the bus company taking raccoon dog. Then, this story came out and this character name was decided.

Now, Santa Kun plays a very important role in the company PR. Also Santa Kun guides children how to ride the bus. He appears in several events of Kumamoto city. Moreover, there are many goods sold online such as Ball pen, T-shirts, LINE Stamps, Neck Strap, IC-Card Stickers, Batches, Calender’s more..  Online Shop


There is a home page of Santa Kun (Japanese Only) Click

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