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Oita (大分) is indeed the city of joy because it has everything like; Resorts, Natural hot-spring, Spiritual heritage, Marine activities, Natural countryside. Oita is located in north-east Kyushu Island Japan.

It is known mostly for Yufuin and Beppu, two impressively magnificent Hot-springs in Japan. If you are in Kumamoto and planning to visit Oita then, here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Oita from Kumamoto.

How to get in: Public Transport

Kumamoto-Oita Bus

Kumamoto-Oita Bus

Oita has its own airport. So, it’s easily accessible from Tokyo and Osaka by air.

  • Tokyo, Heneda Airport : 1 hour 30 minutes approx.
  • Osaka, Itami Airport : 1 hour approx.

Also, there is an express bus from Kumamoto via Mount Aso, an active volcano.

Express Bus: Time-table

There is only “Yamabiko-go” Bus (やまびこ号) that connects Kumamoto-Oita. You can ride the bus from Kumamoto Sta. The one-way trip between Kumamoto to Oita takes around 4 and half hours (cost 3,300 Yen) in the lap of nature. For online booking Click

I personally recommend you to choose a window seat and just feel the breathtaking Nature from Aso Sta. to Oita. What a romantic sight!

Bus Route Stops :

Kumamoto-Aso-Oita Route and Stops

Yamabiko-go Bus departs from Kumamoto Sta. and goes via Kumamoto Airport and Aso Sta. Above is a list of Bus-stop.

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Sta.

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Kotsu Center

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Airport

⇨ Depart from Aso Sta. 

Bus Fare:

  • Kumamoto – Aso Sta : 1,500 Yen / Person
  • Kumamoto – Oita Sta : 3,300 Yen / Person
  • Aso Kumamoto Airport – Oita Sta : 3,300 Yen / Person
  • Aso Sta. – Oita Sta : – 2,500 Yen / Person

Sightseeing Spots:

The city of joy has everything to treat everyone. Resorts and Hot-spring for relaxation, Oita Marine for adventuring, Natural and historical countryside. Here is the list:

Beppu (別府)

Beppu (city of hot-springs)

Beppu (city of hot-springs)

Beppu city is well known for Spas, Resorts and Natural Hot springs in Japan. We have a special Blog on Beppu, Click

Yufuin (湯布院):

Yufuin (city of hot-spring)

Yufuin (city of hot-spring)

Again, Yufuin is full of natural hot springs and resorts that attract visitors. Apart from that there are many beautiful places (Kinrinko Lake, Bussan-ji Temple and mor) We have a special Blog on Yufuin, Click

Oita Marine:

Oita marine activities

Oita marine activities

Apart from hot-springs, it also has marine activities like boating, surfing, dolphin watching.

Oita Marine Place Aquarium is a massive 1,200-ton water-tank. The tank has around 1,500 fishes including Sharks. This aquarium is commonly known as “Umitamago” which means “Sea-egg”

Kunisaki Peninsula (国東半島)

Kunisaki Peninsula 国東半島

Kunisaki Peninsula 国東半島

Kunisaki Peninsula is a spiritual and historical place. This powerful spot is a symbol of Shinto and Buddhist. There are thousands of lord Buddha statues in a cave. The local people truly believe in this spiritual place and they feel like it’s a heavenly place on earth.

Don’t forget:

  • Footbath (足湯): Most of the hotel, resorts and shops offer it free.
  • Umitamago is Oita Marine Aquarium
  • Onsen food


Onsen Foods

Oita is a treasure house of foods and specially sea foods. Onsen Foods are boiled in natural hot spring. Actually, Yufuin and Beppu are rich in hot springs and local people use it in agriculture and cooking. Many restaurants and hotels offer eggs, sweet potato, corn, fish and more which are cooked in hot-spring.


If you are in Japan or in your home country and tired with your daily life, then you must visit Oita “City of Joy” with your family or friends. It’s worth to stay at-least 1 night in Beppu and 1 night in Oita.

If you are going for the same day tour for Oita, or, you are on business tour and have only few hours but don’t know what to do, must experience hot-spring @ any Ryokan. And enjoy Oita Marine Place Aquarium. Hope it will help you in traveling to Oita and how to enjoy there. Have a nice journey!

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