Best way to Travel Kumamoto-Minamata (Environmental Model City)

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Minamata (水俣) is globally known for as “Minamata Disease” because of the mercury poisoning disaster in 1950-1960. It is located in the southern Kumamoto Prefecture Kyushu island Japan.

Since later, Minamata has been creating a positivity to recovere from the mercury disease and pollution problem to become an “Environmental Model City” across the world. Thus, it operated many schools and collages study tours across the Japan as well as world-wide. If you are planning to visit Minamta, then, here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Minamata.

How to get in: Public Transport

Minamata don’t have any airport. So, tourists can travel by either Bullet Train or bus. If they are traveling by air from Tokyo, Osaka or outside Japan, they need to first arrive at Aso Kumamoto Airport. It’s easier to access from Aso Kumamoto Airport. Further, those are travelling by bullet train (Shinkansen) need to arrive at Kumamoto Sta.

By Air @ Aso Kumamoto Airport

  • Seoul (Incheon Airport) – 1 hour 10 minutes approx.
  • Hong Kong Airport – 3 hours approx.
  • Tokyo, Heneda Airport – 1 hour 40 minutes approx.
  • Osaka, Itami Airport – 1 hour 10 minutes approx.
  • Nagoya – 1 hour 30 minutes approx.

 By Bullet Train (Shinkansen):

  • Fukuoka→Kumamoto Sta.→Shin Yatsushiro Sta.→Shi Minamata Sta.
  • Kagoshima→Sendai Sta.→Izumi Sta.→Shi Minamata Sta.

By Train (Hisatsu Orange):

  • Kumamoto Sta.→Yatsushiro Sta.→Shi Minamata Sta.

Sightseeing Spot:

Minamata has very limited sightseeing places such as; disease related sites, museum, and hot-springs. Here are the lists;

Minamata Disease Related Sites:

National Institute for Minamata Disease

National Institute Minamata Disease

Minamata Disease Municipal Museum and National Institute of Minamata Disease are the main disease related sites to visit. It was established in 1978 and known as NIMD. The purpose of NIMD is to conduct medical researches to improve medical treatment for Minamata disease victims.

Actually, Minamata Disease was discovered in 1950s, the symptoms of this disease range from headache, chronic fatigue, hearing and more. In many cases, the disease can result in death. It is easily accessible from Shin-Minamata Sta, by car taking approx. 15 min. More details Click..

Yonoko Onsen:

Yonoko Onsen (湯の児温泉), this hot-spring resort has amazing sea coast view. There is a popular “Fukuda Farm” also known as Yonoko Spain Village. Fukuda Farm produces many delicious goods such as; variety of breads, beer, wine, juices, jam and more which is also popular for souvenir.

It is located in the central Minamata. Tourist can reach by car or bus from Minamata Sta. which takes approx. 20-25 min. It takes approx. 30 min by walk from Yonoko Onsen to Fukuda Farm. More details Click.. 

Yunotsuru Onsen:

Yunotsuru Onsen

Yunotsuru Onsen

Yunotsuru Onsen (湯の鶴温泉), this hot-spring is very effective for body relaxing. It is said that, this hot spring was discovered by a destructed crane so it’s known as “crane of hot water”.

It is located in the Minamata city. Tourist can reach by car or bus from the Minamata Sta. which takes approx. 20-30 min). More details Click.. 


Nagasaki Chanpon,・Udon華・ちゃんぽん・皿うどん


Minamata is blessed with its natural ground water resource which makes the food delicious. Tourists can try variety of breads with tasty wine/beer, Raw-onion Salad, Sushi (raw fish) and vegetables noodles (Chanpon/Udon).


If you are planning to travel to Minamata by air, then you need to arrive at Aso Kumamoto Airport then, take a Airport Limousine Bus for Kumamoto Sta. then, take bullet train for Minamata. If you are planning to travel by Bullet train, then book your ticket for Shin-Minamata Sta. Bullet train is best way to travel Minamata.

Don’t forget to get some time for relaxing in Yonoko hot-spring and lunch at Fukuda Farm. Hope it will help you in traveling to Kumamoto. Have a nice journey!

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