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Fukuoka (福岡) is located in the northern part of Kyushu Island. Fukuoka is the largest populated city of Kyushu and one of the most Livable city in the world according to the survey of Monocle Magazine. The best part about Fukuoka is regarding the Fukuoka Airport which is just 15 min away from the down town of the city.

Fukuoka is developing very fast and it attracts many foreigners as an investor, because of international exchange events, many international flights connectivity, and night life in Nakasu Kawabata. That’s the reason we often it as “Mini Tokyo”. Hakata, Tenjin, Momochihama are the most popular spots for shopping, complexes and restaurants.

How to get in : Public Transportation

There are Shinkansen (bullet train) and Express Bus from Kumamoto to Fukuoka.

Bullet Train: Shinakansen

Kyushu Shinkansen runs several hours from Kumamoto Sta. to Hakata Sta. (Fukuoka). If you are planning to go by Shinkansen then you need to ride from Kumamoto Sta. and get off at Hakata Sta. (Fukuoka). The total distance is around 110 km which hardly takes an hour of travelling.

Talking about fares, it varies if you buy tickets online or from ticket counter.

  • Kumamoto Sta. – Hakata (Fukuoka) : 5500 Yen- 2800 Yen / Person

Express Bus: Time-table

Hinokuni-go Bus runs on every 10-15 min interval from Kumamoto City to Fukuoka (Hakata & Tenjin). And an hourly bus runs form Kumamoto – Fukuoka Airport (which does not go to Hakata / Tenjin). The total distance is around 110 km which takes around 2 hours.

Bus Route-Stops :

Kumamoto-Fukuoka Bus-stop

The Hinokuni-go Bus depart from Kumamoto Sta. and goes via Kumamoto Kotsu Center. Some of the buses directly depart from Kumamoto Kotsu Center. So, please check in advance.

The bus route and the bus-stops are slightly different for Super-non-stop / Via Ueki / Bus bound for Fukuoka Airport. Above is a list of bus-stop of all 3 routes of Hinokuni-go (Kumamoto-Fukuoka-Kumamoto):-

⇒ Depart from Kumamoto Sta.Kumamoto Sta

⇒ Depart from Kumamoto Kotsu Center

⇒ Arrived @ Hakata / Tenjin (Fukuoka)

Bus Fare:

Talking about fares, it varies if you buy tickets online or from ticket counter.

  • 1 ticket from Kumamoto Sta.-Fukuoka (Hakata / Tenjin / Airport)  : 2280 Yen
  • 2 ticket from Kumamoto Sta.-Fukuoka (Hakata / Tenjin / Airport) : 4100 Yen
  • 4 ticket from Kumamoto Sta.-Fukuoka (Hakata / Tenjin / Airport) : 7600 Yen
  • 4 ticket from Kumamoto Sta.-Fukuoka (Hakata / Tenjin / Airport) : 7120 Yen (Buy from Bus Mori Apps)

Sightseeing Spots:

Here is the list of sightseeing spots, shopping complexes, shrine, beach etc..

Hakata & Tenjin:

JR Hakata City Area

Hakata and Tenjin both are famous for brand-new shopping centers; both are in the downtown of the Fukuoka city. There are varieties of restaurants, street food (Yatai shops). Also, there are many tax free shops for cosmetics, fashion, accessories and electronics nearby Hakata/Tenjin Sta. It is easy to access by both JR train and Nishi-tetsu subway.

Shrines & Temples:

There are many shrines and temples in the city. All has their own history. But, Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine is the most famous not only in Japan but also in Overseas.

Fukuoka Tower:


Fukuoka Tower has its own attraction due to amazing view of the entire city and beach. It has universal light express for illumination.

Momochihama Seaside:

Seaside Momochi

It is just close to Fukuoka Tower and popular for beach parties. It is in the west side of Fukuoka. Also, Fukuoka Dome is very close and it is known for popular baseball team “SoftBank Hawks”.

Beaches & Islands :

Fukuoka has many small and beautiful beaches and islands like; Michi-no-naka, Ito-shima, Oro-no-shima, Noko-no-shima and more..


Hakata Ramen (Tonkotsu Ramen)

Fukuoka is a treasure house of multi countries cuisines and specially Ramen (Noodles), Shabu-shabu, Mizutaki, Motsunabe, and Mentaiko. Hakata Ramen (Tonkotsu Ramen) is Hakata’s own food and very popular across Japan.


If you are planning to travel from Kumamoto-Fukuoka or Fukuoka-Kumamoto then, you have 2 options either Shinkansen (Bullet Train) or Express Bus. Shinkansen is a bit expensive when compared to Express Bus.

If you are at Fukuoka airport then I would recommend you to take an Express bus because there will be wastage of time & money in travelling from Fukuoka airport to Hakata and then boarding Shinkansen for Kumamoto. Again, it is recommended to go for express bus to reach Fukuoka Airport from Kumamoto if you are carrying lots of luggage.

Hope it will help you in traveling from Kumamoto to Fukuoka or vise-versa! Have a nice journey!

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