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Best way to travel Kumamoto-Hitoyoshi (Mini Kyoto of Kyushu)

Hitoyoshi (人吉) is known as mini Kyoto of Kyushu region which is located in southeastern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. The famous spots are national treasure over 1200 of history of Aoi Aso Shrine, Kumagawa river, locomotive, hot-springs, Kyusen Cave, Hitoyoshi. Tourist can experience the traditional culture of […]

Onsen Image in Kumamoto

Top 5 Onsen in Kumamoto (Hot Spring)

  Kumamoto (熊本), the “Heart of Kyushu Island” because it is located in the center of Kyushu Island Japan. It has dynamic history, magnificent nature beauty, active volcano and varieties of natural hot-springs,  Kumamoto is blessed with its natural ground water resource which makes Kumamoto “Japan No.1 ground […]

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