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Amakusa - City of Faith

Amakusa(天草) is located in the southernmost part of the main island of Japan. Amakusa has full of magnificent nature, marine treasure, engaging activities of Dolphins and the most famous Seafood like Sushi, Sashimi. This place is literally a treat to visit!

Also, recently Amakusa was in news for its ‘Hidden Christian sites’ in Sakitsu village backed for World Heritage status. If you are in Japan and planning to visit Amakusa, then, here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Amakusa from Kumamoto.



Japanese Meal

Sea Food


Express Bus

How to get in: Public Transport

Kumamoto-Amakusa Bus-Route

There are various ways to go to Amakusa from Kyushu & Osaka. There are some limited flights for Amakusa Airport on Shimoshima Island from Kumamoto (around 20 min journey one way), Fukuoka (around 35 min journey one way), and Osaka (around 1.5 hours journey one way)

Bus: Time-table

There is only “Amakusa-go” Bus that connects to Kumamoto-Amakusa. Kyushu Sanko Bus operates hourly buses from Kumamoto City. The one way trip between Kumamoto to Amakusa takes around 2 hours in the lively lap of nature

Bus Route-Stops :

  • Depart from Kumamoto Sakuramachi BT 
  • Depart from Kumamoto Sta. 

Bus Fare:

  • Kumamoto – Matsushima : 1,550 Yen/Person
  • Kumamoto-Hondo Bus Center : 2,280 Yen/Person

List of best Sightseeing Spots:

3 main islands of Amakusa (Oyano, Ueshima & Shimoshima) are connected to one another by bridges. All 3 islands have their own attractions such as magnificent nature, home of wild Dolphins, most famous and mesmerizing Sun-set view of Japan, engaging activities, Catholic Churches, Museums etc.

Dolphin-spotting Cruise:

In the Indo-Pacific of Tsuji-Shima Island near Itsuwa-machi live about 200 wild Dolphins. It is said that 98% tourists visit here to encounter Dolphins. More details about fare, Dolphin watching time

Dolphin-spotting Cruise

Catholic Church: Sakitsu & Oe :

It is a symbol of faith. ‘Hidden Christian sites in Sakitsu’ village was backed for World Heritage status in 2018. On the other hand, ‘Oe Church’ is the first church build after the ban of Christianity in Amakusa. More details about history Click..

Bus Tour Course Options: 

The local tourist & bus companies start three kind of “Bus Tour” course to attract visitors. It cost only 1000 Yen (entrance fee not included). If you don’t want to drive here, then going by these Bus Tours is best option.

  • A course: Half-day sightseeing of Takara-shima (Island of Treasure). It includes “Sea, Dolphin”
  • B course: Half-day sightseeing of Catholic Churches. It includes “Sakitsu, Oe, Amakusa Rosary Hall”.
  • C course: A full-day sightseeing of South Amakusa & Catholic Churches. It includes both Catholic Churches as well as a chance of experiencing local culture”
Amakusa Tour Bus

General Information:

There is some other important information that will help you when you visit for the first time to Amakusa.

Other Sightseeing Options: 

Amakusa has many other spots that attract visitors. If you are planning to stay overnight then, you can enjoy according to your choice, such as:


Amakusa is known for Sea foods. If you are fond of fish, you shouldn’t miss enjoying the fresh fishes. In most of the restaurants, you can choose live fishes as per your test and they will serve you within 10-15 mins. Yummy! It is too delicious!

But, if you want to watch the spectacular view of Sea with coffee, deserts or varieties of lunch menu with music then try L’isola Terrace.

Lunch @ Amakusa


If you are in Japan and other than Kumamoto, if you want visit Amakusa then come to Amakusa Airport by Flight from Osaka/Fukuoka. But if you are in Kumamoto then, there are hourly buses departing from Kumamoto. It would be the best option for you and even affordable.

It is good to book Amakusa Bus Tour and select the course as you wish. And don’t miss Dolphin-spotting Cruise, Museums on Christianity’s tumultuous and delicious seafood. Hope it will help you in traveling to Amakusa and how to enjoy there! Have a nice journey!

Link & Resources:

Kyushu Bus Booking

Online booking site of express/highway/night buses

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