The connection between Kumamoto and WAKUWAKU Pass

WAKUWAKU 1 Day Pass (わくわく1 Dayパス), the best and cheapest way to do Kumamoto sightseeing. WAKUWAKU is a combination of two words (Waku + Waku) which mean (Exciting + Exciting)!

If you are planning to visit Kumamoto and want to do local sightseeing by local transport, then here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Kumamoto.



WAKUWAKU 1 day Pass is a convenient way to do sightseeing of Kumamoto City. The Pass is an unlimited rides on multiple local buses, trains and tram and valid for 1 day. Tourist can ride Sanko Bus, Toshi Bus, Tram, Dentetsu Bus, Shiromegurin and Dentetsu Train.

Types of WAKUWAKU Pass:

As per the route, WAKUWAKU Pass is divided into 3 categories and the price is differ. More details about the pass , Waku-Waku 1 Day Pass:

700 Yen Pass:

WAKUWAKU Day Pass @ 700¥

This is the cheapest pass @ 700 Yen and valid for very limited areas like; Kumamoto downtown’s, Kumamoto Castle, Kumamoto Sta. Suizenji Park, Fujisaki and more. This is an ideal for those want to ride both bus/tram around downtown.

Route Map of WAKUWAKU 1 Day Pass @ 700¥

900 Yen Pass:

WAKUWAKU1 Day Pass @ 900¥

This pass cost @ 900 Yen and valid for many areas like; Kumamoto downtown’s, Park dome, Aqua dome and more. This is an ideal for those interested in sports and want to visit dome/stadium.

Route Map of WAKUWAKU 1 Day Pass @ 900¥

2000 Yen Pass:

WAKUWAKU1 Day Pass @ 2000¥

This pass is bit costly @ 2000 Yen and valid for almost any where in Kumamoto Prefecture like; Yamaga city, Uto city, Yatsushiro city, Kikuchi city, Aso city, Aso crater line, Takamori chomin bus, Oguni guru-tto bus, Amakusa hondo nottemyu-car and more. This is an ideal for those want to do sightseeing as well as hot spring places.

Route Map of WAKUWAKU 1 Day Pass @ 2000¥


WAKUWAKU 1 Day Pass is the cheapest option to do Kumamoto sightseeing. Tourists can choose any one type of the Pass as per their route choice. If you have only few hours to do Kumamoto sightseeing then, 700 Yen Pass is recommended. But those are planning to stay overnight in Kumamoto then, 900 Yen Pass is the best option to visit historical places as well as some stadiums like Aqua dome and Park dome.

Now, those are planning to stay overnight in Kumamoto or wish to travel onsen places in Kumamoto, Amakusa, Aso, Takamori then, 2000 Yen Pass is recommended. Hope it will help you in traveling in Kumamoto and how to enjoy there! Have a nice journey!

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