Mount Aso(阿蘇山)

Best way to Travel Fukuoka-Mount Aso (City of Volcano)

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Mount Aso (阿蘇山) is famous for a live volcano which is located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. This is the world’s most famous active volcano as it is among the largest volcanoes in the world. The peak is 1,592 from the sea level and measuring 18 km east-west and 25 km north-south.

Mt. Aso is full of mystery and thunders. That’s the reason it attracts not only Japanese but foreigners too! Here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Mount Aso.

How to get in: Public Transport

Aso Express Bus bound form Fukuoka-Aso Sta. and then change to a local bus for Mount Aso sightseeing from Aso sta. The total journey takes around 3 hours from Fukuoka Airport in the lap of nature. More details about the bus stop Click

⇒ Depart from Nishitetsu Tenjin Expressway Bus Terminal

⇒ Depart from Hakata Bus Terminal

⇒ Depart from Fukuoka International Airport

Bus Fare:

  • Fukuoka – Aso Sta. : 3,300 Yen / Person
  • Fukuoka – Aso Sta. : 2,980 Yen / Person (Online)

Sightseeing Spots:

Aso has full of natural sightseeing spots and activities such as; Aso volcanoes, hot-springs, Cycling, Horse riding, Rope-way, Trekking and more. Here are the most popular things to do in Aso.

Aso Nakadake Crater:

Aso Nakadake Crater

Aso Nakadake Crater

Finally, you are about to feel the breath of the Earth. This is still fuming and thus, it is the most popular and thundering peak among the other 5 peaks of Mt. Aso. The other 4 peaks in the caldera are Eboshidake, Kijimadake, Nekodake and Takadeka.

This unique shape was formed by Aso Volcano and regular volcanic activities almost 270,000 years ago. It is very difficult to visit all the craters in single day. So, there are 5 tour courses, tourist can choose any of them as they like most.

Aso Geo-tourism Course map:- More details Click..

Asosan Ropeway:

Asosan Ropeway Building is under renovation. So, the temporary bus-stop has been set-up as per below image.

Asosan Ropeway

The Ropeway has been suspended due to renovation.

Aso ropway.png

Enjoy the thrilling and sightseeing of Mt. Aso Nakadake Caldera. Due to weather problem, the Rope-way may suspend so it’s better to check in advance. To know about routes, fare, Rope-way updates, facilities, contact info Click.

Kusasenri & Aso Volcano Museum:

Horse riding @ Kusasenari

Horse riding @ Kusasenri

Experience the magnificent nature with horse riding.  Also, there is Aso Volcano Museum to watch the visual effects and trace the history and geographic conditions of Mount Aso.

Uchinomaki Hot-spring:

Uchimomaki Hot-spring

Uchimomaki Hot-spring

It is known for the city of hot-springs. There are around 80 hot-springs and the price starts from 300~Yen. The local people love to go there to enjoy hot-springs and lunch with their hubbies.

Cycling in Aso:

Aso Activities

Aso Activities

Aso is known for many outdoor activities such as cycling, paragliding, hot-air-balloon and more. So, not only Japanese but many foreigners also come here across the world for outdoor activities. There are many routes for cycling but for the best route for cycling  Click.

Don’t forget:

Caution information:


For Asthma or Heart patient; kindly read the guideline before going to Mt. Aso. More details about volcanic gas Click.


Kumamoto Ramen : Noodles (ラーメン)

Remen Restaurant in Uchimomaki (内牧)

Aso is blessed with its natural ground water resource which makes the food very delicious. The most popular foods are Aka-ushi (Red-beef), Bashashi (Horse meat). Tourists can try it with either rice or ramen. Also, Aso cow milk is very famous in Japan and very delicious.


Mount Aso is really full of thunders and mysteries. 1 day is not enough to understand this place. Tourists are recommended to stay there at least 1 night. Although, these have only view visiting hours, but you must visit Nakadake Crater.

Take rental car/bike/cycle to enjoy Mt. Aso. Those who love cycling can rent a cycle from Aso Station and go to Mt. Aso. Hope it will help you in traveling to Aso and how to enjoy there! Have a nice journey!

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