Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Kumamoto City

Best Luxury Hotel In Kumamoto

Kumamoto (熊本), the “Heart of Kyushu Island” because it is located in the center of Kyushu Island Japan. It has dynamic history, magnificent nature beauty, natural hot-springs, active volcano in Mount Aso, UNESCO World Heritage Catholic Church Amakusa

The “Kamamoto Castle (熊本城)” is the symbol of Kumamoto and, it is Japan’s most popular castle. Also the Kumamoto character KUMA (Bear) is very famous across the world. Further, the famous warrior and philosopher Miyamoto Musashi spent his last few years in Kumamoto. This, Kumamoto attracts many tourist across the world.

Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels:

If you are planning to visit Kumamoto, be sure to book the best places to stay. Here are the lists.

1. Hotel Nikko Kumamoto:

Hotel Nikko Kumamoto

Hotel Nikko Kumamoto

The best hotel in Kumamoto City which is located in the heart of Kumamoto City with great view of the castle. Tourist can find department shops, supper-market and verity of restaurants near by the this hotel.

Toruchosuji Train Station is just a 1 min walking distance and the Kumamoto Bus Terminal is approx. 10 min. This hotel is bit expensive but, recommend for those are coming for important business or meeting purpose or family get-together.


2. The New Hotel Kumamoto:

The New Hotel Kumamoto:

The New Hotel Kumamoto

It is the best and closest hotel from the Kumamoto Station. It has bar, lounge and 4 restaurants. Even, those want to have lunch or dinner at out side, Kumamoto Station is the best option. Because, there are  verities of restaurants with bar or cafe and souvenirs shops.

This hotel is just a 1 min walking distance from Shirakawa exit of the station. Moreover, all the highway bus stand (arrival / departure) are just 1-2 min walking distance from the hotel, such as; Amakusa, Mount Aso, Kurokawa, Yufuin, Takachiho, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Osaka, Oita more.. So, best recommend for those want take high bus for city or have early Flight, Bullet Train or Bus.


3. Ana Crown Plaza Kumamoto New Sky:

Ana Crown Plaza Kumamoto New Sky

Ana Crown Plaza Kumamoto New Sky

It is located in the center of the Kumamoto City with great view of the sun-rise and lake. Shinshigai Shotengai and Kitaoka Natural Park are also very close to the hotel.

It is just in the middle of Kumamoto Sta. and Kumamoto Bus Terminal (Kumamoto Kotsu Center). So, it is very convenient from both either Kumamoto Sta. or either Kumamoto Bus Terminal. This hotel is recommend for solo traveler, those want to spend a significant chunk of time alone.


4. Kumamoto Hotel Castle:

Kumamoto Hotel Castle

Kumamoto Hotel Castle

This hotel also has a great views of Kumamoto Castle and located in the center of the Kumamoto City. It has 4 restaurants, and there are department stores and shopping streets with many restaurant choices in 5 min walking distance. So, very convenient for bagpiper and food lovers.

Kumamoto Castle, Sakura-no-baba Jozaien and Kumamoto City Hall are on 5-6 min walking distance from the hotel. It is recommend for solo traveler those want to walk around the Kumamoto Castle.


5. Dormy Inn Kumamoto:

Dormy Inn Kumamoto

Dormy Inn Kumamoto

The another luxury hotel in the heart of Kumamoto City. It offers sauna facilities, a public bath (Natural Hot-spring). Guests can enjoy buffet b/f at the hotel restaurant.

Kumamoto Bus Terminal is just a 1 min and the Kumamoto Castle is 8-10 min. walking distance from the hotel. Also, it is very convenient for shopping at department shops, supper-market and lots of restaurants. So, it recommend for couple or family with kids.



If you are planning to travel to Kumamoto by bullet train then, The New Hotel Kumamoto is the best option because it is just 1-2 min far from the station.

Further, if you are planning to travel by bus and want to do shopping in down-town then Hotel Nikko Kumamoto or Dormy Inn Kumamoto is the best option. Hope it will help you to choose the best hotel in Kumamoto. Have a nice journey!

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