Best way to travel Yamaga, Kumamoto (1000 Dancing Women)

Yamaga (山鹿), is best known for Yamaga Touron Mingeikanin it means “1000 dancing women with lantern attached above their heads”. It is located Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu island Japan.

Yamaga has rich agriculture because of Kikuchi river. So, Yamaga rice is very popular in Japan due to high quality and very delicious. It has also many hot-spring resorts. . If you are planning to visit Yamaga then, here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Yamaga.

How to get in: Public Transport

Yamaga is very easy to access from Kumamoto Station or Kumamoto Kotsu Center by local Bus. But, those tourist wants to come from out of Kumamoto, then first read how to access in Kumamoto.

Local Bus:

Sanko Bus for Yamaga

Sanko Bus for Yamaga

Sanko Bus runs on every 20-30 mins from Kumamoto Sta. or Kumamoto Kotsu Center. It takes approx. 75 minutes and the cost is 950 Yen from Kumamoto Station.

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Airport (Platform #1)

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Kotsu Center (Platform #14)

Sightseeing Spot:

The history and the culture makes Yamaga a special attraction to the visitors not only in Japan but across the world. Here are the lists:

Yamaga Onsen (Hot-spring):

Yamaga Onsen (Hot-spring)

Yamaga Onsen (Hot-spring)

Yamaga is blase with many natural hot-springs with rich agriculture. The hot spring of Yamaga has alkaline spring water of pH9.5 which is creamy and make you relax just like as full body massage (Thai massage).

It has both indoor and outdoor hot-spring. There are many hot-springs operators which offer the same day tour or overnight tour. More details Click..

Yamaga Lantern Festival (山鹿灯籠):

Yamaga Lantern Festival (山鹿灯籠)

Yamaga Lantern Festival (山鹿灯籠)

This is the most popular festival in Yamaga even in Kumamoto prefecture. The main attraction of this festivals are 1000 women with lantern attached above their head and do folk dance and local people perform live traditional music, sing songs.

During the folk dance on traditional local songs, the environment is just amazing in the evening. It is held in the summer with more then 5,000 rockets at the Kikuchi riverbank.

Yachiyo-za 八千代座 :

Yachiyo-za (Play theater)

Yachiyo-za (Play theater)

Yachiyo-za is Drama or Play theater which was built in 1910. It is nationally designated and an important cultural property in Yamaga.

There are various events, play are performed in Yachiyo-za like; Kabuki, Noh. Actually, it is most famous for Kabuki performance. More details Click..

Don’t forget:

  • Rickshaw Ride : 1500 Yen for 20 min;
  •  Experience Lantern on the head with Kimono
  • Yamaga rice tour: 600 Yen for 1 hr (free gift)


Yamaga is blessed with its natural ground water resource which makes the rice very delicious. The most popular foods are House curry (馬カレー) Bashashi (Horse meat) Sushi (raw fish).

Sweets or Souvenir are; tourist can buy Lantern-Monaka which is made by red beans paste (Anko) shape. and then wrapping with steamed rice flour. Matsukaze made by rice flour, beet sugar, egg and poppy seed are mixed. You can enjoy it with a cup of green tea.


Tourists can come to Kumamoto by air, bullet train or express bus. Airport Limousine Buses are available form Aso Kumamoto Airport to Kumamoto downtown.

Take a local bus (for Yamaga Bus Center) either from Kumamoto Sta. ot Kumamoto Kotsu Center which takes approx 75 min. Hope it will help you in traveling to Yamaga, Kumamoto. Have a nice journey!

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