Best way to Travel Fukuoka-Miyazaki (Heaven of Japan)

This is my first visit to Miyazaki (宮崎) from Fukuoka. It is located in the center of Miyazaki Prefecture. It is full of Magnificent Nature, verity of Cuisines, Adventuring such as Surfing, Diving etc. and the most famous fruit, Miyazaki Mango this place is a treat to visit!

If you are in Fukuoka and planning to visit Miyazaki. Then, here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Miyazaki from Fukuoka.

How to get in: Public Transport

There are various way to go to Miyazaki from Fukuoka, but the best way is either flight, or either express bus. Flight is bit expensive and the cost is (8,500-40,000 Yen). It takes around 2 hours. Express bus takes  around 6 hours but it is the cheapest way.

Express Bus: Phoenix-go (Fukuoka~Miyazaki)

Fukuoka Miyazaki Bus
Fukuoka Miyazaki Bus

If you love the essence of natural beauty while traveling then I personally recommend you to go by Bus. There is a bus i.e. Phoenix-go (フェニックス号) which goes to Miyazaki Sta. from Fukuoka (Tenjin / Hakata) providing around 6 hours journey in the lap of nature. The one way cost is 3,900-4,600 Yen. If you book by online, you may get some discounts. Booking Click..

Here is the time-table:

Fukuoka Miyazaki Bus Stop
Fukuoka Miyazaki Bus Stop

Phoenix-go Bus depart from Nishitetsu BT (Tenjin) and goes via Hakata, Kiyama, Kurume. Above is a list of Phoenix-go Bus-stop. Please be careful, there is a Super Non-stop bus which has limited stop.

⇨ Depart from Nishitetsu Tenjin 

⇨ Depart from Hakata Bus Terminal 

⇨ Arrived @ Miyazaki Sta.

Welcome to Miyazaki

Sightseeing Spots In Miyazaki:

Miyazaki has full of wonders & hot spots that attract you. Let’s understand it easily by talking separately about Western, Central, Southern, Northern areas.

Western Area: Sekino-o Falls (関之尾滝)

Sekino-o Falls (関之尾滝)
Sekino-o Falls (関之尾滝)

It is in Miyakonojo City (都城市) and considered as one of the best waterfall in Japan. That scenic beautiful waterfall was formed by Kakuto pyroclastic flows. More details Click

It is believed that there’s a spiritual power there! A positive vibe through fine water droplets in the air, the mesmerizing water sound that will make you relax.

Central Area: Aoshima (青島)

Aoshima Island(青島)
Aoshima Island(青島)

A small beautiful island (1.5 km) surrounded by rocks formed by waves know as the “Devil’s Washboard”. It is just 25 minutes from Miyazaki Sta. by car. More details Click

If you have time, visit Miyazaki Shrine (宮崎神宮) Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo and enjoy Surfing.

Surfing @ Miyazaki
Surfing @ Miyazaki

South Area: Sun Messe Nichinan

Sun Messe Nichinan
Sun Messe Nichinan (サンメッセ日南)

This relaxing park has seven carved replicas of Moai statues from Easter Island. Just 40 minutes far from Miyazaki Sta. by car. More details Click

Northern Area: Takachiho

Takachiho Gorge 高千穂峡

Takachiho is known for power spot place. I have a special blog on it. Read more Click..



Miyazaki is a treasure of foods and specially known for local chicken, beef, fruits (Mango). Chicken-nanban(チキン南蛮). If you are near by Miyazaki Sta. then, you must go to Tachiba-no-doori(橘通り), please mention that it remains close on every Tuesday.

So, I personally visited the another place and would like to recommend you to go for Lunch. Ogura Restaurant (おぐら本店・瀬頭店). You may go for Chicken-nanban(チキン南蛮). A deep-fried chicken marinated with nanbansu vinegar. The taste is just WOW!


If you are in Japan, then you must visit Miyazaki “The Heaven of Japan” and stay their at-least 2-3 days. If you are going for the same day tour for Miyazaki, or, you are on business tour and have only few hours but don’t know what to do? Then I would recommend you to take a rental cycle (ゆるチャリMAP) from the Miyazaki Sta. and take around their.

But, I recommend you to stay there for 1-2 nights and enjoy Spa, Marine Activities. Also, don’t forget to take free Footbath (足湯) @ Hotel Hamaso (ホテル浜荘).

Hope it will help you in traveling from Fukuoka to Miyazaki and how to enjoy there!  Have a nice journey!

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