7 Wonders of Kyushu Island, Japan

You heard about the 7 Wonders of World. But, you didn’t heard about about the 7 Wonders of Kyushu Island. So, here we are going to let know about it.

Kyushu is the most diversified and 3rd biggest island of 4 main islands of Japan. It is located in the south-west of Japan. The climate of Kyushu is sub-tropical that making Kyushu warmer then the Tokyo or Kyoto.

Kyushu means 9 provinces (9+shu) and theses name are; Bungo, Bunzen, Chikugo, Chikuzen, Higo, Hizen, Hyuga, Osumi and Satsuma. Now all the provinces name has been changed but the ancient names are still in used in to indicate the part of the geographical history. Now, Kyushu consist of 8 prefectures, and these names are; Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Okinawa, Oita and Saga.

Kyushu has many volcanoes and some of them are active, and thus it also has verities of natural hot springs (Onsen). That’s the reason many tourists visit Kyushu across the world. In all prefectures Kumamoto is the center therefore, it’s called “heart of Kyushu” region. Here are the 7 Wonders:


Fukuoka image

Fukuoka known for the most livable city, amazing food, amazing people. It is located in norther part of Kyushu Island Japan. Also, Fukuoka downtown city Hakata and Tenjin is just 10 min. and 15 min. far from the Fukuoka Airport.

The city is full of ancient temples, traditional cultures, beaches, modern shopping mall including Hakata and Tenjin. The Water Bus and Open Top Bus are trendy in foreigners. You can read a special Blog about Fukuoka, how to go there and things to do Click


Kagoshima image

An active volcano and thrilling outdoor activities. It is located in southern part of Kyushu Island Japan. The city is all in one such beach, volcano, resorts, marine activities.

The Sakarajima an active volcano is the main attraction. You can read a special Blog about Kagoshima, how to go there and things to do Click


Kumamoto image

The heart of Kyushu island and blessed with natural resources. It has an active Volcanoes, Sea Cruise, Iruka watching and more.. “Kamamoto Castle (熊本城)” is the symbol of Kumamoto. You can read a specila blog “Read 4 reasons why you must visit Kumamoto once in Life” Click


Miyazaki image

The heaven of Japan. Miyazaki is known for magnificent nature, leisure spots, adventuring like Surfing, Scuba Diving and more. It is located in south-east of Kyushu Island Japan. In the north of Miyazaki, a very popular power spot place called Takachiho.

The popular tourist attractions are Sekino-o Falls, Aoshima Beach, Sun Messe Nichinan, Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoological Park and more.. You can read a special Blog about Kagoshima, how to go there and things to do Click


Nagasaki image

Last atomic bombing and symbol of peace. Nagasaki is well know for 2nd Atom booming in the world. It is located in southern part of Kyushu Island Japan.

The most popular destinations are Akahama Red Beach, Peace Park, Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. You can read a special Blog about Nagasaki, how to go there and things to do Click


Oita image

The most beautiful hot-springs in Japan. Oita is located in Oita prefecture in eastern part of Kyushu Island Japan and just close to Beppu.

The main tourist attraction is Hot springs but there are outdoor activities such as African Safari, Iruka watching, Harmony Land theme park. You can read a special Blog about Oita, how to go there and things to do Click


Saga image

An international balloon festival. Saga is in northwest of Kyushu Island. It is popular for traditional ceramics made in Arita, Imari and Karatsu. Of course, the world most famous International Balloon Festival. For more details, read Saga Official Site Click

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