Best way to Travel Kumamoto-Nagoya (Heart of Japan)

Nagoya (名古屋) is a center of Japan (Heart of Japan) and the capital of Aichi Prefecture. Being Japan’s 3rd largest metropolitan city, it is well known for headquarter of “Toyota Motors” and Japan greatest Samurai warriors. It is also famous for its Traditional industries like ceramics and textiles as well as high tech industries like Brother Industries, World’s largest planetarium at Science Museum and more…

How to get in : Public Transportation

Nagoya is very easy to access almost all the parts of the Japan. It has both domestic and international airport as well as port.

Shinkansen (Bullet Train):

  • From Kyoto, around 40 min
  • From Tokyo, around 1.45 hours
  • From Kumamoto, around 5 hours (no direct bullet train, need to change from Shin-Osaka)

Express Bus: Time-table

Kumamoto-Nagoya Bus.png

Kumamoto-Nagoya Bus

The cheapest way to get from Kumamoto to Nagoya is to go for a night bus, Shiranui-go. This express night bus runs every day from Kumamoto City to Nagoya. You can ride the bus from Kumamoto Sta.,  Kumamoto Kotsu Center. The one way trip between Kumamoto to Nagoya, takes around 12 hours. The fare is 8000 Yen~12500 Yen (depending on days)

Bus Route-Stops :

Kumamoto-Nagoya Route and Stops

The Shiranui-go Bus depart from Kumamoto Sta. and goes via Kumamoto Kotsu Center. Here is a list of Bus-stop & Time-table.

20:00 ⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Sta.

20:20 ⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Kotsu Center

Nagoya Bus Depart from Kumamoto Kutsu Center #25

Kumamoto Kutsu Center (熊本交通センター)

There is a rest time @ Yamaguchi. You can refresh there.

Nagoya Rest time

Rest time @ Yamaguchi during way to Nagoya

Bus Fare:

Talking about fares, it varies everyday. The fare is based on calendar. Shiranui-go Fare-table

Sightseeing Spots:

There are many famous spots such as Nagoya Castle, world most famous Toyota Motors and Toyota Techno Museum. 50-60 floors high towers in downtown of the Nagoya. The mix of history and latest tech of Nagoya is gaining popularity for a tourist spot not only in Japan but also in Overseas. So, you must visit when you get chance to come here.

Nagoya Castle:

Nagoya Castle (名古屋城)

Nagoya Castle (名古屋城)

This is a symbol of Nagoya which was built in Tokugawa period. Nagoya Castle is the most elegant and attractive castle and that’s the reason it makes it’s place in the top 5 best Castle in Japan. More details Click..

Nagoya City Science Museum:

Nagoya City Science Museum

The world largest dome planetarium with 35 meter of diameter was opened in 2011. Don’t miss the four large-scale exhibitions featuring an aurora film shown in a -30°C and a 9 meter tall man-made tornado which is the main attraction of this Museum. More details about it, Click..

Nagoya TV Tower & Oasis 21:

Nagoya TV Tower & Oasis 21:

Nagoya TV Tower & Oasis 21

Nagoya TV Tower is the first radio tower built in Japan. 180 meter is the height of this tower and has a Sky balcony after reaching 100 meters of it’s  height. More details about light up events, timing Click..

Oasis21 is an incredible construction with the theme of “Space ship Aqua”.  There is an amazing view of Nagoya TV Tower and surroundings from the top floor specially in the evening. So don’t miss it. Also there are various shops and restaurants on the ground level, a connecting to bus terminal on the second level.

Others Sightseeing Spots:

Nagoya High Towers & Techno Museum

There are some other place that you want to visit like; Railway Museum, Toyota Techno Museum, High Towers near by Nagoya Sta.

Me-guru Bus (メーグルバス):

Nagoya City Sightseeing Bus Me-guru Bus (メーグルバス)

Nagoya City Sightseeing Bus Me-guru Bus (メーグルバス)

This is a Nagoya City Sightseeing bus. This is the best, easy and affordable way to do Nagoya City Sightseeing. 1 day Pass @ Adults 500 Yen , children 250 Yen

Me-guru Bus Timetable

Me-guru Bus Timetable

It runs from Nagoya Station every half an hour. Me-guru Bus (Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus) is best way to experience Culture, History, High Towers, Science Museums and more…


Nagoya Food

Nagoya Chicken wingtips (Tebasaki 手羽先), Akamiso

Nagoya known for Tebasaki , Akamiso, Nagoya Cochin Chicken. Tebasaki (手羽先) is deep-fried chicken wingtips. The spicy flavor is just Yummy! You can try it with beer or Japanese Sake or wine.


If you are in Kumamoto/Nagoya and want to visit Nagoya/Kumamoto then flight and express bus are the options. Express bus is a cheapest way to go for sightseeing. Take a night bus, arrived in morning, and do full-day sightseeing, then comeback on the same day by Shiranui-go bus. You can also stay overnight if you wish.

If you are going for the same day tour for Nagoya/Kumamoto, or, you are on business tour and have only few hours but don’t know what to do? It is worth to take Me-guru Bus “メーグルバス”(Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus) best way to experience Culture, History, High Towers, Science Museums and more…

Hope it will help you in traveling from Kumamoto to Nagoya and vice-versa and how to enjoy there! Have a nice journey!

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