Best way to travel Kumamoto-Takamori (Most beautiful Village)

Takamori (高森) is in caldera of Mt. Aso which is located in easternmost part of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. Takamori is one of most beautiful village in Japan. If you are in Kumamoto and planning to visit Takamori for the same day tour. Then, here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Takamori from Kumamoto.

How to get in: Public Transport

Kumamoto-Takamori Bus.png

There are various way to go to Takamori from Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Oita… but the best way is from Kumamoto. There is a Bus “Takamori-go” for Takamori via Kumamoto station (熊本駅), Kumamoto Kotsu Center (熊本交通センター) Aso Kumamoto Airport (阿蘇熊本空港).

Bus Time-table:

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Sta.

⇨ Depart from Kumamoto Koutsu Center

⇨ Depart from Aso Kumamoto Airport

Aso Kumamoto Airport

Aso Kumamoto Airport

Bus Route-Stops :

takamori bus-stop.png

Takamori Bus-stop

Bus Fare:

  • Kumamoto – Aso Kumamoto Airport: 730 Yen / Person
  • Kumamoto -Moenosato/Tawarayama Tozanguchi : 780 Yen / Person
  • Kumamoto – Takamori: 1,030 Yen / Person

Sightseeing Spots:

There are many power spots, shrines and temples that attract you. The mysterious feature is gaining popularity for a tourist spot not only in Japan but also from Overseas. So, you must visit when you get chance to come here.

Takamori City Overview:

Takamori city

Takamori city

Takamori is one most beautiful village of Japan. It is known for many power spots, hot springs and hiking. It has many places that were named after mythologies and folklore’s with shrines and temples built in respect.

Takamori Don No Sugi (A matching tree):

This power spot is very famous and often comes on TV, magazines. It is said that a famous actress visited here, embraced this tree and soon after got married. Later “Takamori Don No Sugi” has been popular for desire tree or a matchmaking blessing tree.

Takamori Don No Sugi” two impressively large cedar trees, with 10m circumference, over 400 years old history.

Takamori Touge Senbon Sakura(Cherry-tree):

This place is very famous for cherry tree (Sakura). The roads are curve and Sakura trees are on both side of the road which has magnificent view when Sakura blossom.  More than 6000 Sakura trees are blooming along the 4 km roadside.

Don’t forget !

  • Trolley Train (ride a local train)
  • Usogui No Taki (waterfall)
  • Takamori Dengaku (local cuisine)


If you are in Japan, then you must visit Takamori “The most beautiful village of Japan”. Further, if you are going for the same day tour for Takamori, or, you are on business tour and have only few hours but don’t know what to do?

Then we would recommend you to visit “Takamori Don No Sugi” and wish something you want most:) Hope it will help you in traveling from Kumamoto to Takamori and how to enjoy there! Have a nice journey!

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