The connection between Kumamoto and WAKUWAKU Pass

WAKUWAKU 1 Day Pass (わくわく1 Dayパス), the best and cheapest way to do Kumamoto sightseeing. WAKUWAKU is a combination of two words (Waku + Waku) which mean (Exciting + Exciting)! If you are planning to visit Kumamoto and want to do local sightseeing by local transport, then here […]


6 Best Food in Kumamoto (Must Try)

Kumamoto is the city of wealth and fresh cuisines, delicious foods, diversity of taste in foods. All thanks to Kumamoto natural ground water resource which makes Kumamoto “Japan No.1 tasty ground water city”. Thus a fruitful producer of delicious vegetables, Jersey  milk products of Mount Aso,  Amakusa seafood. […]

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